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Get an idea of training & education in TACTICAL ATHLETIC

training & education online programs

for SOF’s, recruiter and fitness enthusiasts

  • functional training programs for SOF’s
  • training for selection procedure

online advice in 1to1

for members of military and police

Top athletes train in performance centres. They have access to professional coaches, know-how and direct communication in case of problems.

Members of military and police use TACTICAL ATHLETIC as their information, coaching and development base.

training & education inhouse events

for military and police units

  • physical resilience with specific gear
  • physical resilience in special tactics
  • control in CQC

TACTICAL ATHLETIC training & education of units take place in the gym/sports facilities area of your base. So we integrate the training devices and grounds you are used to work with.

references of TACTICAL ATHLETIC training & education


… years working with national & international top athletes


… different sports coached on highest level


… years working with SOF of military and police