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TA long range missions

user profil:

long distances, time-consuming missions, heavy equipment, transfer by foot


full-body functional training program with focus on capacity of lower extremity


stay healthy and resilient in tactical circumstances (carrying load, work under time pressure, …) in long walks

get skills for an effectiv switch between moderate walking and intensive actions (ambush, rescue situaiton, urban scenario, …)

program content:

  • script „functional training basics“ (German & English)
  • script „functional training settings“ (German & English)
  • 8 training plans with up to 9 functional exercises
  • full description of illustrated exercises (German & English)

TA short quick missions

user profil:

heavy equipment, quick/fast actions, missions in urban space

To join the TACTICAL ATHLETIC training & education sessions, make sure to have access to this equipment:

  • sling trainer
  • foam roller (additional foam ball)
  • 2 small weights (1 to 2,5kg)
  • kettlebells or dumbbells (6kg, 8kg, 10kg and 12kg)
  • barbell (14 to 30kg)
  • plyobox (50 to 80 cm)
  • Mini- & Megabands
  • Valslides, or comparable gear