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Let’s come together!

TACTICAL ATHLETIC online appointment is your opportunity to put applied sports science to work for you.

Choose from the following options:

Initional Interview

for free, timeframe 30 min

via Skype or ZOOM

Let’s analyse the issues!

You have questions or hurdles in your personal development that need to be solved. Let’s put them on the table and find a solution.

Orientation Talk

chargeable, timeframe 60 min

via Skype or ZOOM

Let’s get issuses on track!

In development the focus is on detail. Orientation within and the perfect mix of the following topics is important:

  • training theory
  • functional anatomy
  • biomechanic
  • process management
  • testing / re-testing

We bring together knowledge for YOUR request in a targeted way.

Training Supervision

chargeable, timeframe 60 min

via Exercast

Let’s get issuses into action!

Most training mistakes happen in the execution. This results in incorrect loads and compensations. Both endanger health and training success.
We discuss exercise executions and training designs directly in action. Your personal development needs your personal path. Show this in your actions.

Make sure you have access to your training facilities on these dates.

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