„How can we use scientific knowledge and long-time experiences in developing all numbers of physical and mental skills to optimize load capacity of tactical profiles in a field where sports science has better benefits than pure tactical education?“

– is the core of our TACTICAL ATHLETIC concept.

Special police and military units operate at high risk every day.

In order to aviod risks during operations, special forces are supported with tactical approaches and modern standard tactical gear. All these potentials advance through changing danger situations and are adapted to combat scenarios.

With tremendous effort special force men and women are equipped with the most effective and most reliable gear.

TACTICAL ATHLETIC is focusing on the individual operation capacity of every special force man and woman.

So the aim of the TACTICAL ATHLETIC concept  is to build specific skills in addition of  necessary functions and evolve them with all the special tactical tasks.

All Coaching and Consulting by TACITCAL ATHLETIC connect equipment, tactics as well as functional and motoric skills of special force members.

Our concept includes practical experiences and scientific insights of these fields:

  • applied scientific training

  • functional anatomy / biomechanics

  • modern brain research

  • tactical education for special operations

TACTICAL ATHLETIC is only a service for offical authorities. No service for privat persons!