Coaching & Consulting Concept

»athletic (def., sports)« :

ability of living beings to put load peaks in an economic way, that is adapted to body function, in a multitude and a high variability into practice in addition to get full and prompt recovery in available breaks

»athletic training (def., sports)« :

all measures and processes in complete number and methodical correct series in order to learn, optimize and keep athletic skills

Content of TACTICAL ATHLETIC – Coaching & Consulting

Applying means knowing:

To become a profi of specific athletic issues our professional team gives you all essential informations and experiences of dealing safe and effective with training content. Our lecture sessions convey all parts of applied sports science.

Applying means understanding:

For working on physical development you have to know whats going on. As sports scientists we have huge experiences of understanding reactions of the body to use exactly these information to adapt and improve training strategies. Your body is your weapon –  we make sure you can use it.

Applying means transfering:

No matter if tactical or physically – profiles always have specific features. BUT our body works in general processes. Using our body as a high-level tool you have to connect these two areas. As specialists in tactics and athletic we show you long-standing and effectice strategies of using optimal training concent.

„Special Forces need special solutions“ – our coaching and consulting in physical skills are addressed to the specific need of any unit we work with.

The central issue depends on the equipment, tactics and tasks of the unit. With sports scientific know-how and functional background we analyse and clarify individual questions. Function professionals and tactic teams work together on high quality solutions to give special force members perfect conditions to operate safely and effectively in trained techniques combined with specific gear.

For years we work successfully with competitive athletes and teams on national and international level. All this expert knowledge is our base of working responsibly in the sensitive field with military and police special ops.


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