Coaching & Consulting Concept

»athletic (def., sports)« :

ability of living beings to put load peaks in an economic way, that is adapted to body function, in a mulititude and a high variability into practice in addition to get full and promt recovery in available breaks

»athletic training (def., sports)« :

all measures and processes in complete number and methodical correct series in order to lern, optimize and keep atheltic skills

Main points of operativ mission preparedness

» best tactical education

» best mission equipment

» highest motor & functional skills

„Special Forces need special solutions“ – our coaching and consulting in physical skills are addressed to the specific need of any unit we work with.

The central issues depends on the equipment, tactics and tasks of the unit. With sports scientific know-how and functional background we analyse and clarify individual questions. Function professionals and tactic teams work together on high quality solutions to give special force members perfect conditions to operate safe and effective in trained techniques combined with specific gear.

Since years we work successfully with competitive athletes and teams on national and international level. All this expert knowledge is our base of working responsible in the sensible field with military and police special ops.


– scientific // functional // individual // proven –

Besides working on individual questions of special force units we also offer you general know-how and practical implementation in these already realised items:


TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Tight Radii is focused on skills needed in urban warfare.

What ist the profil of these missions?  In urban situations distances are short – so movement has to be fast, precise and extremly coordinated for highest impact. Most actions are reflexes. Informations comes in rapidly changing frequences and have to be handled narrowly. There is no time for greater corrections. To be safe you better be as fast as possible.

In TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Tight Radii we evolve all systems and processes that are necessary for fast actions. Besides the perfect muscle control a well-coordinated work ability of the neurological system plays a big role in this concept.

TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Vertical Missions

TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Vertical Missions is focused on skills needed for vertical acting on buildings.

It’s obvious that movement in horizontal way isn’t the same as in vertical line. The movement pattern change because the force of gravity have a different effect on the body. Finally vertical action is for special force member just the way to get to their „workplace“. To fulfil the task you need to lose less strength by staying 100% safe and be focused on the way to the destination point.

In TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Vertical Missions we use all proven facts and methods of our know-how and experiences of training with international competition climbers and boulderers for more than 5 years. We put this knowledge of sports science and complete it with facts of mission tactics and special gear/ weapon handling.

How do you bring effective training stimuli of vertical action to your training room without doing risky and cumbersome rope action? – We coach and consult you!

TACTICAL ATHLETIC for Engramchanging by equipment


TACTICAL ATHLETIC is only a service for offical authorities. No service for privat persons!